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"Interdimensional" Photography
"Interdimensional" Photography
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Tree Caught on Infrared

Did you know that most of the Spiritual energies that are talked about being experienced such as Apparitions, orbs and yes even UFOs are viewable at a light spectrum not visible to the less sensitive eye. With todays increasing technology, our photographic equipment off the shelf has allowed even the amateur hunter to experience these phenomenon as their own personal experience. Todays high tech digital cameras have sensors that are capable of seeing into the UV and Infrared spectrum where some of these phenomenon exists. Our eyes are not tuned to see into these light spectrums. Remember, Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean its not there! The technology in these sensors is literally affirming that our technology has caught up with our new vision of Humanity.

As we evolve as humans, our new increased sensitivities to these "subtle energies" may once again allow us to view these energies as part of new realities. Once again living the life with the connection to the divine. Our intentions are our greatest tools that we can use to actually change our realities enough to allow for what I like to call "spontaneous evolution" We are now becoming, and shall be once again the masters of our own destiny as we begin to fully realize our true power which is our inheritance.

Check out this quick video below found on Enjoy!

Most of these new digital cameras are capable of seeing into these spectrums but can be slightly modified by the technically savvy by removing special UV and Infrared blocking filters on the cameras sensors to make them even more sensitive to these light spectrums. There are new cameras out on the market today that are specially designed to operate primarily in the "invisible" spectrum such as the one pictured below. Please click on the picture to see more.


Fujifilm IS-1 Visible Plus IR Sensitive Digital Camera, 9.0 MP, 10.7x Optical Zoom

Below is a short trailer from from the UFO Movie by Jose Escamilla. In this medium length trailer, the principal of these phenomenon existing in these "invisble" light spectrums is well showcased. Please click on the start icon on the theater window below to view.




Below is a video that showcases the fantastic work of Trevor James Constable